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Honest for retail: private beta

May '21: Read this letter from Carlos to know more our vision.

What is Honest?

Honest is a tool built to streamline the work of Customer Service agents by providing them with contextual actionable suggestions and shortcuts for their most common tasks.

We seek to help CS teams by combining the empathy and quality of customer experience that only skilled, motivated human agents guarantee with the efficiency and expediency that results from keeping them from wasting their time on repetitive and avoidable tasks.

How does it help CS agents?

Honest is a browser extension (Chrome/Firefox) that embeds itself into the agent's workspace and works in pursuit of an ultimate goal: to allow them to answer any question or achieve any task necessary for the customer's satisfaction without having to neglect the conversation.

What does it do?

The first version of Honest targets CS teams in the retail sector. It can automatically detect product quality complaints and gives the agent the ability to resolve in one click:

  • Reporting the incidence (product, problem, additional data...)
  • Generating discount coupons

Which CS platforms does it integrate with?

The first version of Honest is aimed at companies using Zendesk as their CS suite.

Which e-commerce platforms does it integrate with?

The first version of Honest targets companies using Shopify as their e-commerce platform.

How are quality issues logged?

The first version of Honest logs quality issues in a Google Sheets document.

What's our closed beta program?

As a first step we are looking to work closely with a selected group of companies to quickly prove the qualitative and quantitative impact of Honest on their CS operations. These customers will have a say in the immediate roadmap of the product, and will enjoy special treatment throughout the life of the company (special pricing plans, preferential access to new features, etc.).

Want to know more?

Get in touch at beta@honest.is. We'll be happy to provide you more information and discuss how Honest fits into your current CS workflows.

Sounds interesting but...?

Your team isn't on Zendesk or Shopify

We want to work along with the customer care and e-commerce platforms our clients already use, including in-house developments. Tell us more about your tools at beta@honest.is

Your team deals with quality-related tickets in a different way

We want to help companies in improving their established workflows, not imposing new ones. Tell us more about how you do things in beta@honest.is

Quality-related tickets are not your CS team's most pressing issue

Honest has a long-term vision of helping retail companies in a multitude of post-sales scenarios, not only with quality issues: returns, duplicate orders... and we can assist in pre-sales too. Tell us more about your team's challenges at beta@honest.is

Your company is not in the retail space

We're ready to help companies across different sectors: check out our BTO Enterprise Platform to know how Honest can help your CS team with their very specific needs.