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Honest augments the conversations of your support team

Honest connects channels, catalogues and processes to provide just what your customer demands

Single inbox

Streamline all your customer conversations in one place.

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Give your customers the freedom and flexibility to reach out anywhere, anytime, on any channel.

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Spot frequent topics

Give your agents all the information and context they need to make better and faster decisions.

Seamless, useful data

All your company's data at the service of helping your customers.

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Limitless, easy-to-use catalogues

For better discovery, comparison, cross-selling and up-selling

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Natural language search

Powerful technology under the bonnet. Easy to drive tool for the agent.

Agile conversations

Real-time helpers to amplify the agents’ abilities.

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Suggested replies

For providing reliable information right away.

Proactive suggestions screenshot

Suggested searches

For reaching the right product or service at once.

Customized skills

Turn your most used workflow into conversational commands.

Contextual information screenshot

Customer info

Let the agent know all about the client she is about to address.

Product comparisons screenshot

Informed decisions

Honest helps the agent assist the customer in comparing across products and services

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“[...] las conversaciones entre personas son el elemento conductor perfecto para experiencias de compra y de relación con empresas, son expresivas, empáticas, personales e inspiradoras [...]”

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